SWPN Covid Hotline Answers the Call 

PT is raising his 14yr old son who attends Kipp Thrive on his own. When PT became ill with the coronavirus and was forced to stop working for an entire month, he didn’t have the money for his rent. He quickly fell behind and was concerned he would lose his apartment he and his son shared. He contacted the SWPN Hotline and our Family Engagement Coordinator got on the case to figure out how to help. SWPN secured PT’s rent money for the month. Without the worry of losing the roof over his head, PT was able to focus on getting better and his teenage son was able to continue virtual instruction in his home without interruption. Today, PT is back to work doing well and has been able to catch up on all his bills.

Single mother DW found herself in a similar dilemma as PT when her roommate suddenly moved out during the pandemic, leaving DW to cover the rent and bills by herself. DW’s security guard job doesn’t pay her enough to manage the rent on her own. Before she knew it, she was behind two months. Once again our Family Engagement Coordinator stepped in and arranged for SWPN to cover all of the back rent so that PT and her 4yr old daughter wouldn’t lose the place they call home.

If you need assistance please text the hotline at 206-222-7922 for help.

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